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Holydays in Machu Pichu.

Machu Pichu from “Huayna Picchu”

I went to Machu Pichu in November of 2008, because was a friend´s dream, and was for me a great experience.

In this travel we went to San Pedro in Atacama, Puno in Perú and a lot of places of the holy valley too in Peru, there is Machu Pichu.

The "Holy Valley" is very beautiful and include all places from Cuzco to Machu Pichu.
Generally the people only know Machupichu, but the Holy Valley have a lot of places very beautiful, like: Sacsayhuamán, Qenko, Tambomachay, Písac, Moray, Maras, Ollantaytambo, Chinchero, Santa Teresa, etc.

If you want go to Machu Pichu, I recommend you that you will go in bus from Cuzco to Ollantaytambo. From there you can take other bus for different places. If you have little time, you can take a bus from Cuzco to Santa Teresa and get down in “hydro(electricity) station ” , a lot of people make this travel, you never will are alone.

From “hydro(electricity) station ” you have to walk one half hours, inside forest beside the train line, to “aguas calientes” (hots waters), this is village more near to Machu Pichu. This short trekking is very very pretty and you will see differents birds, animals and trees.

From Aguas Calientes you can climb a lot of stairs to Machu Pichu, 2 hours approx. Is very hard. I recommend you that you take a small bus that in a quarter hours arrive at door of Machu Pichu, for only ten dollars. This way, you can use your energy for raise the “Huayna Picchu”( the young mountain) , from here you can see Machu Pichu from the sky.

To Huayna Picchu, only can climb four hundred people at day (two hundred at 7 a.m and two hundred at. 10 a.m) you should sing up as early as possible, the trekking is hard 1 half hours approx., but I think that you will are safe if you not make stupid things. (Always there is people that make stupid things and in this place it can cost the life)

For the end, I hope that you can see the meaning of Machu Pichu and the Inca´s cultures that is really important in the history of America. Machu Pichu is beautiful, but also is more that his architectures, building and landscape. Is a part of America, is own beliefs, costumes, symbols and a lot of more, but you only can see it if you want.

If you want make some questions write me. I can help you in your travel.

Lucky !!!