This blog is a project for my class of english. Is for it, that the
"post" are en english when my mother language is español.

Is for it too that is possible that my posts have some
mistakes. If you write me i can fix this.

Welcome all
I hope that this place be a good place for share.

A Home in the sea.

The most important ambition, Maybe the only one, is live in a place whit sea.

For me the sea is very important, the sea is my bowl of memories and had been mi partner in the sad too.
I don´t know because the sea is as important for me, maybe because when I was a child, my parents tell that in the sea they fall in love. Maybe is because I have beautiful memories in the sea.

When was a younger, the sea was a refuge. I went to the beach with my friends, in this place we tell about the future, the ambitions, dreams ant the nightmares too.

Exist a poem by Argentina’s writer, Mario Benedetti, that I feel like own.

This poem was written in Spanish and here leave the original and a bad translation make by me.

El silencio del mar
Mario Benedetti. Geografías (1982-1984)
y el silencio del mar, y el de su vida.
José Hierro

El silencio del mar
brama un juicio infinito
más concentrado que el de un cántaro
más implacable que dos gotas

ya acerque el horizonte o nos entregue
la muerte azul de las medusas
nuestras sospechas no lo dejan

el mar escucha como un sordo
es insensible como un dios
y sobrevive a los sobrevivientes

nunca sabré que espero de él
ni que conjuro deja en mis tobillos
pero cuando estos ojos se hartan de baldosas
y esperan entre el llano y las colinas
o en calles que se cierran en más calles
entonces sí me siento náufrago y sólo el mar puede

The silence of the sea
Mario Benedetti. Geographies (1982-1984)

and the silence of the sea, and his life.
José Hierro
The silence of the sea
shouts an infinite trial
more concentrated than a bowl
more implacable than two drops

If he approach we the horizon or he deliver
Blue death of Jellyfish
our suspicions not leave him.

the sea hears like a dull
is insensitive as a god
and he survive the survivors

I will never know what I hope from him
nor what spell makes at my ankles
but when these eyes tired of tiles
and they wait between the plain and the hills
or streets that are closed more streets
then I feel shipwrecked and only the sea can
save me.

I think that the sea can save me, of the routine, of loneliness. I think that the places at front of sea are better places for live, the people is more quiet, the life is more slow and the time, the free time is important. This is a good life for me.

I don´t know if I achieve this ambition, but I have a picture of the sea in my mind, I bring the sea when I take off my shoes.


"Once upon a time man". A Great TV program

When I was a child, maybe five years old, i watched a TV program called “erase una vez… El Hombre” (“once upon a time man), this program was born in France like a form to transmit educational content in TV.

This first program showed the human´s history, since the prehistoric until the first travel to space, if not remember badly, in 26 chapter.
Later, this program showed different topic, for example: “Érase Una Vez… el Espacio” (1982)(“once upon a time…  space”), “Érase Una Vez… el Cuerpo Humano” (1987)(“ once upon a time…  human´s body”), “Érase Una Vez… las Américas” (1991)(“ once upon a time… America”), “Érase Una Vez… los Inventores” (1994)(“ once upon a time… inventors”) , “Érase Una Vez… los Exploradores” (1996)(“ once upon a time the explorers”), “Érase Una Vez… la Ciencia” (2000)(“ once upon a time sciencie”), y “Érase Una Vez… Nuestra Tierra” (2008)(“ once upon a time own heart2). But the cuality of this serie was badder later of 1990.

This program began each chapter with a song that I loved , that you can listen here…

“Érase …
una vez…
un planeta triste y obscuro…
Y la Luz..
al nacer…
Mostraba un lindo Mundo de Color.”

"Once upon ...
once ...
sad and dark planet ...
And Light ..
at birth ...
It showed a World of Color cute. "

For me this program is very important, i remember to my father with it, because the content that show was a meet point for the family. For the other hand, I learned a lot of things that until today  are remembered and use.

I think that this program satisfy completly with the work that I think that the TV should have. Is terrible that the TV only show crap today.

Today the Child programs only show violence, this is wrong for me.

If you want see this program, you can watch it  or download his chapters here.


Holydays in Machu Pichu.

Machu Pichu from “Huayna Picchu”

I went to Machu Pichu in November of 2008, because was a friend´s dream, and was for me a great experience.

In this travel we went to San Pedro in Atacama, Puno in Perú and a lot of places of the holy valley too in Peru, there is Machu Pichu.

The "Holy Valley" is very beautiful and include all places from Cuzco to Machu Pichu.
Generally the people only know Machupichu, but the Holy Valley have a lot of places very beautiful, like: Sacsayhuamán, Qenko, Tambomachay, Písac, Moray, Maras, Ollantaytambo, Chinchero, Santa Teresa, etc.

If you want go to Machu Pichu, I recommend you that you will go in bus from Cuzco to Ollantaytambo. From there you can take other bus for different places. If you have little time, you can take a bus from Cuzco to Santa Teresa and get down in “hydro(electricity) station ” , a lot of people make this travel, you never will are alone.

From “hydro(electricity) station ” you have to walk one half hours, inside forest beside the train line, to “aguas calientes” (hots waters), this is village more near to Machu Pichu. This short trekking is very very pretty and you will see differents birds, animals and trees.

From Aguas Calientes you can climb a lot of stairs to Machu Pichu, 2 hours approx. Is very hard. I recommend you that you take a small bus that in a quarter hours arrive at door of Machu Pichu, for only ten dollars. This way, you can use your energy for raise the “Huayna Picchu”( the young mountain) , from here you can see Machu Pichu from the sky.

To Huayna Picchu, only can climb four hundred people at day (two hundred at 7 a.m and two hundred at. 10 a.m) you should sing up as early as possible, the trekking is hard 1 half hours approx., but I think that you will are safe if you not make stupid things. (Always there is people that make stupid things and in this place it can cost the life)

For the end, I hope that you can see the meaning of Machu Pichu and the Inca´s cultures that is really important in the history of America. Machu Pichu is beautiful, but also is more that his architectures, building and landscape. Is a part of America, is own beliefs, costumes, symbols and a lot of more, but you only can see it if you want.

If you want make some questions write me. I can help you in your travel.

Lucky !!!

The national day in Chile. The independence that wasn´t.

The September 18, is celebrated in Chile the national day. Traditional party that expect to celebrate the begin of independence of own country. In these days, generally one week, the people do traditional plays like: raise kites and run tied with a partner. Also the people eat barbecue, “empanadas” and drink a lot of “terremotos”, earthquake , a kind of wine with  ice cream pineapple.

The people have holydays and a lot of them travel to the beach or countryside. Are very good and funny days to visit Chile.

But all these activities have somethings estranges for me.

The September 18 of 1810 (day that commemorated this dates), the creoles signed a document to take the politics power of Chile,  first government meeting,  but no for the begin of the independence, if not to keep this place at the Spanish kingdom,   because the King Fernando VII had been captured for Napoleon. The real independence of Chile only was signed the February 12 of 1818.

In the other hand, in these days, the most important events are the "Te Deum" Ecumenical and military parade. In the first, the most important persons go to the catholic ceremony, and the second, the September 19, day of Army glories, where the army of Chile shows his power, soldiers and arms.  Is this way, than Chile renews its commitment Catholic Church and his army, traditional pillar of the past.

The “nation” as concept, probably in Chile like any place in the world,   is used like a reason for the exploitation, in latinoamerica yet more. The “nation” hides the enormous diversity of languages, cultures and traditions. The nation in America is the mirror of the nation in Europe little say about us.

For me the September 18 is a celebration for stay with my family, for think about own roots, and the lot of blood spill to impose a nation,  that until today yet isn´t independent.


Hans Rosling. The monster of statistical data

Like all good sociologist, for me the information is essential for my work and for think about the reality.

In this sense, sometime we forget the shape as this information talk with we, and the importance that we show an idea.

Is for this that in this post I leave a Hans Rosling´s conference TED 2007. Hans Rosling  is a  professor of global health at Sweden's Karolinska Institute, his current work focuses on dispelling common myths about the so-called developing world.

The impressive of his presentation is like he uses the statistical data for show his thesis about the so-called countries developing world.

His presentation is very very dynamic and funny, with dynamic graphics in four dimensions that show the movement of different countries in different continent, making analysis in all time, while he tells a history that have all sense. I enjoy much his presentations.

This way Rosling installs three important points: The first is the need to design of publics politics specific and particular for each countries, given that the enormous differences in a same region. In this same sense, pose that the is need specific information inside each countries, because the difference in the same region also occurs inside the countries.

On the other hand, emphasize the relevant of making data bases free to analyses, with the grow of internet world, is necessary to unite all efforts, to have information free and integrate data in a global scale.
For the end, Hans Rosling and his team, have generated a software that integrate the statistical data with graphic design that permit “see analysis instantly”, it is a shape of democratize the knowledge.

I hope that you enjoy with his ideas and his shape of show it.


WEB QUEST 2 about recycling

Part 2 - Take these Recycling quizzes

Recycling Quiz Score Report
Total number of Questions in Recycling Quiz :12
Total number of Correct answers :8
Your Score :67%
Average Score for this quiz :53%
Result :Pass
Number of People taking this quiz :456
Number of People Passing this quiz :256
Number of People failing this quiz :200
Maximum Score for this quiz :92%

Recycling just one glass bottle or jar can save enough energy to run your TV for_3 hours.

What are good ingredients for making compost?
The biodegradable waste such as food or garden waste.

What do we mean by recycling?Recycling is a process to change materials (waste) into new products to prevent waste of potentially useful materials, reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials

Where can recyclable goods come from?
recyclable items can come from your own home.

Is this true? > Recycling aluminum uses only 15% of the energy required by virgin production
It´s true.

Part 3- Video: >> Top ten tips for recycling

Watch the video and choose the best 3 tips in your opinion.

1. Separating your waste between what is recyclable and what is not
2. Use a cloth bag for shopping
3. Keep your fruits and vegetables out of plastic bags to make them last longer.



My favourite piece of technology is my in all probability Smart phone. A few years ago my answer would have been the computers, but today my mobile phone can to do the same fun things.

In my phone i can to work in a few things, check my emails and talk with my partners work, but i can´t spend long hours doing a report, this is an advantage for me.

I bought my firs smart phone four years ago and it changed my life. With it I can stay in different places at the same time, today I can talk whit different persons at the same time, no matter where they.

My phone is a part of me, it is the only tools that I use all days, never turn it off, but sometimes not answered, I choose that is important and that not.

I can´t imagine how would be my life without it. I would need use most time in my work, waiting for the messenger pigeons, I wouldn´t talk with my friends all time and I would lose in the street without the phone´s GPS .

I don´t know what will be the next  piece of technology which will appear in the market and how it would be change again my life, in this time my smartphone is insurmountable.


Dreams and dreams

Dreams are the places where i can see the hopes and fears.

During a long time my dreams were painting of grey. I had diferent kinds nightmares, i dreamed with death and seaquakes. This was natural for me, I thought that the all people had the same dreams, but not.
 “Sueño con serpientes” (I dream with serpents), Silvio Rodiguez´s song, was a song that told like i felt in this time. Is a very good song.  You can hear it here.

That time spend, today only a few dreams are nightmares, the most of dreams are short histories that show me things about my life, but this is well for my.

Today I think that the all the things can be better, the dreams are usually a message of hope for me, things to do better, other once are repeat of moment that make me happy.

Now I hear other Silvio´s song, that is with me in life, “el reparador de sueños” (“The repairman dreams”), it said “always reaches the dwarf with his tools to loosen hatreds and tighten loves .”
Is a very beautiful song that you can hear here.

About the other dreams, of these that one have awake, I can´t tell a lot.
Only in the recent time, i began to make questions about it.

Today i feel that i can have a dreams, big dreams and simple dreams.

I work for make it.

The books of my life.

I´ve been a worm books since my childhood. My life is written in pieces of books that showed me something or that simply touched me.

Today the books remember me an important part that of myself. Maybe it´sfor thist reason  i have a lot of them.
When i was a child, i saw my parents read different books and they told me short stories about them. I remember “Juan Salvador Gaviota” and “AMI: el niño de las Estrellas” books that my father read for me, and I read for my sister. The love for books is shareed in my family.

Now I read different kinds of books, fiction and non fiction book,  poetry books, Social Science’s  and philosophy books , but the best kinds of book for me are “Realismo Magico”, magic realism,  a kind of latinoamerican literature, the fiction tells us parts of a real story of Latin-American people.

Really I haven´t got a one favorite writer or book, I have a lot of them. 

My favorite poems writers is a Pablo de Rockha, a Chilean writer unjustly forgotten by history, if you want read some of his work, click here. Also I like Mario Benedetti, a Uruguayan writer of novels, short histories and poems. Here one poem by him.

With regard to novels my favorite writers are Garcia Marquez and Mario Benedetti both precursors of the magic realism. They tell histories about simple people and their common life of them, these writers provoque a lot of emotions and situations that show the customs in different periods of the Latin-American’s history.

Like i said, I have a lot of favorite books , but one of them is “del amor y otros demonios” , the love and other demons,  a Garcia Marquez´s book that reflects about the love, not only of romantic love, but also about the different kinds of love and the different things that the people do for love.

In this book the love for the books is a meeting point for completely different persons, it can change them. While this book changes to the readers too.

This book was very enjoyable for me and only took me a few days to read it. This book is necessary for all lovers of love.


Michel Focault a New and Infamous Thinker

The infamous man that studied the infamous men.

Michel Focault was a French philosopher, social theorist, historian of ideas, and literary critic. He was an intelectual ahead of his time, a visionary in all ways. His work converges into the way and importance of "the power" in human realtionships, for this reason he looked into the most common topics of our times.

His most important books are:

As you can see Madness is important in Focault´s work. He claimed that insisting on giving a definition of Madness is a caracteristic of oun society, and we should challenge this.

Something similar happend with the infamous persons and things, with the sexuality, and the prision.

Michel Foucault was a researcher of freaks, because he himself was a freak in his time. He was a homosexual and was the first famous intellectual that died of SIDA.

Foucault's ideas have generated diverse lines of thinking and research, his focus on the bodies and power, have influenced all social sciences, being precursor of gender and sexualities studies, as well as the critical studies.

"Discipline and Punish" forecasted the evolution of Control Mechanisms in our Societies, making questions  and describing  the way the contemporany society produces and reproduces these mechanisms.

In this sense, it´s very interesting to lisento the conversation in 1971, given to a TV Show in france,  between Michel Focault and Noam Chomsky, to understand the ideas of both, in to the third debate of the International Philosophers' Project, "Human Nature: Justice versus Power".



"La Trova" y "Silvio Rodriguez". Music for all.... My favorites Bands or Singers

Music for all.... My favorites Bands or Singers
In this ocassion y have to write about my favorite Band or singer, but i think that we, the music´s lovers haven´t got just one favorite band or singer. We have a favorite band or singer depending on the kind of music.

Music is varied and it´s difficult to put all the different kinds of music in the same box.

I like a lot of music, but if I had to choose some, i would choose the two  most important kinds for me: the "Trova" And  the "Rock".

Now I will only talk about  " la trova", because i think that is more part of own of latinoamerica, in other moment i will post about Rock,  which is, i think, closer to english-speaking peolple.

"La trova"

The trova is a important music of Latin america, it born in Cuba of the hand the Cuban revolution.

My favorite singer in this kind of music is too, is the most important,  Silvio Rodriguez. This Cuban Man was the inspiration for me, thank him I play guitar, and i´m feeling a left man.

His life is very interested, He was a soldier in the cuban revolution, and a important part of his music was made in a boat war, trip to Africa, for  to make the revolution there.

The Silvio´s discography is very big and completly recommendable. But in this post, I leave a little sample.

"Triptico" Is a triology in honor to the 25 years of Cuban revolution.
The best for me is a "Triptico 3".

You can read more doing clik in this link:

"Música Libre" Silvio por los Bunkers

Tu fantasma


You can hear the silvio's songs doing click here.

I waiting for your coments.


I am me !!


This should be my first post, but no. i wrote one post yesterday to explain the name of this blog.

For my exercise, in my english class, i have to write a short autobiography. There we go!

For if you don´t know, my name is Victor Acuña. I am 33 years old, like Christ, i hope i don´t die the same way.

I´m a Sociologist,  I studied in a University  "Academia de Humanismo Cristiano" ,  Christian Humanism Academic. At the moment I´m doing a Master about Psicology Comunitary in University of Chile. The English course is part of it.

I was born in Santiago, my firs years i lived in Maipu, on the periphery of Santiago, but i loved Pudahuel, too in the periphery. In this district i was living whit the rest of my life. I loved Pudahuel, because there was my family and my friends, also all weekend my family went there, this was fun for me.

My family, at that time, was made up by my father, my mother and me. Later, my sister, who is 23 now, was born. She´s probably, the most important person for my. She´s my partner, my friend and my daughter too, to a certain extent.

I always had a lot of hobbies. I played guitar, i read a lot of novels, I danced in a Parties, etc... Today i do the same and some things more.

I hope this will be enough for you to get to know me.


Ser y Estar. Mario Benedetti

Here is a poem by Mario Benedetti that demonstrates some of the difficulties with translating. This poem gave the name to explain why I namemd this blog like this.

I will give the Spanish version first, followed by the English translation in the book by Charles Dean Hatfield.

Ser y Estar

Oh marine
oh boy
una de tus dificultades consiste en que no sabes 
distinguir el ser del estar 
para ti todo es to be 

así que probemos a aclarar las cosas 

por ejemplo
una mujer es buena 
cuando entona desafinadamente los salmos 
y cada dos años cambia el refrigerador 
y envía mensualmente su perro al analista 
y sólo enfrenta el sexo los sábados de noche 

en cambio una mujer está buena
cuando la miras y pones los perplejos ojos en blanco 
y la imaginas y la imaginas y la imaginas 
y hasta crees que tomando un martini te vendrá el coraje 
pero ni así 

por ejemplo
un hombre es listo 
cuando obtiene millones por teléfono 
y evade la conciencia y los impuestos 
y abre una buena póliza de seguros 
a cobrar cuando llegue a sus setenta 
y sea el momento de viajar en excursión a capri y a parís 
y consiga violar a la gioconda en pleno louvre 
con la vertiginosa polaroid 

en cambio
un hombre está listo 
cuando ustedes 
oh marine 
oh boy 
aparecen en el horizonte 
para inyectarle democracia.

Being and Seeming 

(trans. by Charles Dean Hatfield)

Oh marine
oh boy
part of your problem is that you don't know
the difference between "being" and "seeming"
to you everything just "is"

now let me explain

for example
a woman "is" good
when she sings the psalms out of tune
and gets a new refrigerator every two years
and sends her dog to an analyst every month
and only deals with sex on saturday nights

on the other hand, a woman "seems" good (at least to me)
when you gaze at her and your puzzled eyes go blank
and you dream of her dream of her dream of her
and think that a martini will give you the courage
when not even that'll do it

for example
a man "is" done
when he earns millions over the phone
and evades taxes and his conscience
and buys into a good retirement plan
to cash in when he turns seventy
and it's time to fly to capri and paris
where he gets to rape the gioconda right in the louvre
with his speedy polaroid.

on the other hand,
a man "seems" done (done-for, that is)
when you boys
oh marine
oh boy
appear on the horizon
to give him a dose of democracy.