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WEB QUEST 2 about recycling

Part 2 - Take these Recycling quizzes

Recycling Quiz Score Report
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Recycling just one glass bottle or jar can save enough energy to run your TV for_3 hours.

What are good ingredients for making compost?
The biodegradable waste such as food or garden waste.

What do we mean by recycling?Recycling is a process to change materials (waste) into new products to prevent waste of potentially useful materials, reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials

Where can recyclable goods come from?
recyclable items can come from your own home.

Is this true? > Recycling aluminum uses only 15% of the energy required by virgin production
It´s true.

Part 3- Video: >> Top ten tips for recycling

Watch the video and choose the best 3 tips in your opinion.

1. Separating your waste between what is recyclable and what is not
2. Use a cloth bag for shopping
3. Keep your fruits and vegetables out of plastic bags to make them last longer.



My favourite piece of technology is my in all probability Smart phone. A few years ago my answer would have been the computers, but today my mobile phone can to do the same fun things.

In my phone i can to work in a few things, check my emails and talk with my partners work, but i can´t spend long hours doing a report, this is an advantage for me.

I bought my firs smart phone four years ago and it changed my life. With it I can stay in different places at the same time, today I can talk whit different persons at the same time, no matter where they.

My phone is a part of me, it is the only tools that I use all days, never turn it off, but sometimes not answered, I choose that is important and that not.

I can´t imagine how would be my life without it. I would need use most time in my work, waiting for the messenger pigeons, I wouldn´t talk with my friends all time and I would lose in the street without the phone´s GPS .

I don´t know what will be the next  piece of technology which will appear in the market and how it would be change again my life, in this time my smartphone is insurmountable.


Dreams and dreams

Dreams are the places where i can see the hopes and fears.

During a long time my dreams were painting of grey. I had diferent kinds nightmares, i dreamed with death and seaquakes. This was natural for me, I thought that the all people had the same dreams, but not.
 “Sueño con serpientes” (I dream with serpents), Silvio Rodiguez´s song, was a song that told like i felt in this time. Is a very good song.  You can hear it here.

That time spend, today only a few dreams are nightmares, the most of dreams are short histories that show me things about my life, but this is well for my.

Today I think that the all the things can be better, the dreams are usually a message of hope for me, things to do better, other once are repeat of moment that make me happy.

Now I hear other Silvio´s song, that is with me in life, “el reparador de sueños” (“The repairman dreams”), it said “always reaches the dwarf with his tools to loosen hatreds and tighten loves .”
Is a very beautiful song that you can hear here.

About the other dreams, of these that one have awake, I can´t tell a lot.
Only in the recent time, i began to make questions about it.

Today i feel that i can have a dreams, big dreams and simple dreams.

I work for make it.