This blog is a project for my class of english. Is for it, that the
"post" are en english when my mother language is español.

Is for it too that is possible that my posts have some
mistakes. If you write me i can fix this.

Welcome all
I hope that this place be a good place for share.

The books of my life.

I´ve been a worm books since my childhood. My life is written in pieces of books that showed me something or that simply touched me.

Today the books remember me an important part that of myself. Maybe it´sfor thist reason  i have a lot of them.
When i was a child, i saw my parents read different books and they told me short stories about them. I remember “Juan Salvador Gaviota” and “AMI: el niño de las Estrellas” books that my father read for me, and I read for my sister. The love for books is shareed in my family.

Now I read different kinds of books, fiction and non fiction book,  poetry books, Social Science’s  and philosophy books , but the best kinds of book for me are “Realismo Magico”, magic realism,  a kind of latinoamerican literature, the fiction tells us parts of a real story of Latin-American people.

Really I haven´t got a one favorite writer or book, I have a lot of them. 

My favorite poems writers is a Pablo de Rockha, a Chilean writer unjustly forgotten by history, if you want read some of his work, click here. Also I like Mario Benedetti, a Uruguayan writer of novels, short histories and poems. Here one poem by him.

With regard to novels my favorite writers are Garcia Marquez and Mario Benedetti both precursors of the magic realism. They tell histories about simple people and their common life of them, these writers provoque a lot of emotions and situations that show the customs in different periods of the Latin-American’s history.

Like i said, I have a lot of favorite books , but one of them is “del amor y otros demonios” , the love and other demons,  a Garcia Marquez´s book that reflects about the love, not only of romantic love, but also about the different kinds of love and the different things that the people do for love.

In this book the love for the books is a meeting point for completely different persons, it can change them. While this book changes to the readers too.

This book was very enjoyable for me and only took me a few days to read it. This book is necessary for all lovers of love.