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"Once upon a time man". A Great TV program

When I was a child, maybe five years old, i watched a TV program called “erase una vez… El Hombre” (“once upon a time man), this program was born in France like a form to transmit educational content in TV.

This first program showed the human´s history, since the prehistoric until the first travel to space, if not remember badly, in 26 chapter.
Later, this program showed different topic, for example: “Érase Una Vez… el Espacio” (1982)(“once upon a time…  space”), “Érase Una Vez… el Cuerpo Humano” (1987)(“ once upon a time…  human´s body”), “Érase Una Vez… las Américas” (1991)(“ once upon a time… America”), “Érase Una Vez… los Inventores” (1994)(“ once upon a time… inventors”) , “Érase Una Vez… los Exploradores” (1996)(“ once upon a time the explorers”), “Érase Una Vez… la Ciencia” (2000)(“ once upon a time sciencie”), y “Érase Una Vez… Nuestra Tierra” (2008)(“ once upon a time own heart2). But the cuality of this serie was badder later of 1990.

This program began each chapter with a song that I loved , that you can listen here…

“Érase …
una vez…
un planeta triste y obscuro…
Y la Luz..
al nacer…
Mostraba un lindo Mundo de Color.”

"Once upon ...
once ...
sad and dark planet ...
And Light ..
at birth ...
It showed a World of Color cute. "

For me this program is very important, i remember to my father with it, because the content that show was a meet point for the family. For the other hand, I learned a lot of things that until today  are remembered and use.

I think that this program satisfy completly with the work that I think that the TV should have. Is terrible that the TV only show crap today.

Today the Child programs only show violence, this is wrong for me.

If you want see this program, you can watch it  or download his chapters here.