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Hans Rosling. The monster of statistical data

Like all good sociologist, for me the information is essential for my work and for think about the reality.

In this sense, sometime we forget the shape as this information talk with we, and the importance that we show an idea.

Is for this that in this post I leave a Hans Rosling´s conference TED 2007. Hans Rosling  is a  professor of global health at Sweden's Karolinska Institute, his current work focuses on dispelling common myths about the so-called developing world.

The impressive of his presentation is like he uses the statistical data for show his thesis about the so-called countries developing world.

His presentation is very very dynamic and funny, with dynamic graphics in four dimensions that show the movement of different countries in different continent, making analysis in all time, while he tells a history that have all sense. I enjoy much his presentations.

This way Rosling installs three important points: The first is the need to design of publics politics specific and particular for each countries, given that the enormous differences in a same region. In this same sense, pose that the is need specific information inside each countries, because the difference in the same region also occurs inside the countries.

On the other hand, emphasize the relevant of making data bases free to analyses, with the grow of internet world, is necessary to unite all efforts, to have information free and integrate data in a global scale.
For the end, Hans Rosling and his team, have generated a software that integrate the statistical data with graphic design that permit “see analysis instantly”, it is a shape of democratize the knowledge.

I hope that you enjoy with his ideas and his shape of show it.


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