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WEB QUEST 2 about recycling

Part 2 - Take these Recycling quizzes

Recycling Quiz Score Report
Total number of Questions in Recycling Quiz :12
Total number of Correct answers :8
Your Score :67%
Average Score for this quiz :53%
Result :Pass
Number of People taking this quiz :456
Number of People Passing this quiz :256
Number of People failing this quiz :200
Maximum Score for this quiz :92%

Recycling just one glass bottle or jar can save enough energy to run your TV for_3 hours.

What are good ingredients for making compost?
The biodegradable waste such as food or garden waste.

What do we mean by recycling?Recycling is a process to change materials (waste) into new products to prevent waste of potentially useful materials, reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials

Where can recyclable goods come from?
recyclable items can come from your own home.

Is this true? > Recycling aluminum uses only 15% of the energy required by virgin production
It´s true.

Part 3- Video: >> Top ten tips for recycling

Watch the video and choose the best 3 tips in your opinion.

1. Separating your waste between what is recyclable and what is not
2. Use a cloth bag for shopping
3. Keep your fruits and vegetables out of plastic bags to make them last longer.


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