This blog is a project for my class of english. Is for it, that the
"post" are en english when my mother language is español.

Is for it too that is possible that my posts have some
mistakes. If you write me i can fix this.

Welcome all
I hope that this place be a good place for share.

The silence of the sea. Mario Benedetti.

The silence of the sea
Mario Benedetti. Geographies (1982-1984)

and the silence of the sea, and his life.
José Hierro
The silence of the sea
shouts an infinite trial
more concentrated than a bowl
more implacable than two drops

If he approach we the horizon or he deliver
Blue death of Jellyfish
our suspicions not leave him.

the sea hears like a dull
is insensitive as a god
and he survive the survivors

I will never know what I hope from him
nor what spell makes at my ankles
but when these eyes tired of tiles
and they wait between the plain and the hills
or streets that are closed more streets
then I feel shipwrecked and only the sea can
save me.

I think that the sea can save me, of the routine, of loneliness. I think that the places at front of sea are better places for live, the people is more quiet, the life is more slow and the time, the free time is important. This is a good life for me.

I don´t know if I achieve this ambition, but I have a picture of the sea in my mind, I bring the sea when I take off my shoes.


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